Workspace is an area where we can group, organize and manage collections. This is available from Postman 6.0 and upwards.

In postman there 2 types of workspaces available

  1. Personal workspaces
  2. Team workspaces

We can create a workspace by

  1. Click on new button -> Workspace



Snippets are script templates. In postman we can create scripts in multiple locations such as collection level, folder level and request level. Scripting can be done as pre-request scripts and tests.

Collection level scripts

Click on more option on the collection -> Edit

Same as we can add folder level scripts as pre-request scripts or tests in folder level by clicking more options on folder -> Edit and in request level by by clicking on more options request -> Edit

And in the right side of the window we can see quick scripts such as to get variables and set environments in different levels.