Raised button is a button basically with an elevation. Alert dialog is a popup to give some message to user.

Now let us define a stateless widget for raised button and override the build method. Then return the container object that will contain a raised button as a child.


This is the eleventh article of the Flutter series. Today we are going to learn on Stateful widgets.

Let’s see what is “state”. The state is information that can read synchronously when the widget is built and might change during the lifetime of the widget.

Classes that inherit “StatefulWidget” are…

This is the tenth lesson of the Flutter series. Today we are going to learn on adding floating action button and snack bar in Flutter UI.

Floating Action Button

Katelon Recorder is an extension for Google chrome and firefox browsers. Katelon Recorder can be used to record and run test cases.

How to add Katelon Recorder extension to the browser?

In the chrome browser you can use the following path.

Click on “Apps” à “Web store”

Search as “Katelon…

Data Driven Testing is a software testing method in which test data is stored in table or spreadsheet format. Data driven testing allows testers to input a single test script that can execute tests for all test data from a table and expect the test output in the same table…

This is the nineth lesson of the Flutter series. Today we are going to learn on adding long list in Flutter UI.

Steps to implement Long List

· Prepare the data source

· Convert source into widget

· Use widgets as children of a ListView

· Prepare the data source

Assertion and Verification

If assertion fails the program terminate from the particular point. If the verification fails the program will lock as a verification fail and move on to the next step.

In TestNG we use term “Assert” for assertion and “SoftAssert” for verification.

Setting Dependency

We can set dependencies instead of setting priority as follows. By assigning dependencies we can define which methods should run before to a particular method.

In the last article we discuss how to use some test annotations. Let’s go forward and discuss a mechanism to control execution order.

Set priority

We can simply set priorities for the @Test methods as follows.

Today we are going to learn about test annotations. Basically we are going to learn the following annotations.






Let’s create a package named “testng.annotations” under test path. …

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