Flutter uses Dart as a language. Dart is a strongly typed language and it’s an object oriented language. Dart was developed by Google.

Dart has very fast development cycle since it supports JIT (Just In Time) compilation. As a result faster application reload (hot reload) can be benefited. Running applications on devices is much faster due to AOT (Ahead Of Time) compilation. Therefore, developers can experience faster application development while application users can experience faster application execution.

Flutter provides similar user experience compared to native applications like Android and iOS. There exists one code base for both Android and iOS. Therefore, maintenance is very easy.

Flutter setup and Installation

Download Flutter SDK

Select your operating system.

Download and extract zip file and paced it in c drive as above.

Update path

Path should be added to environment variables as above.

Run flutter doctor

Open command prompt and type “flutter doctor” to check the missing parts.

Install Android Studio or Visual Studio Code

You can simply download Android studio by using the documentation as follows.

You can set up Android device as follows.

Then you can set up Android emulator as follows.

To configure your editor you have to install Flutter and Dart plugins. Step of installation as follows.

This is the first lesson on Flutter. In the next lesson let us start our first flutter project.



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